How We Work

Gracent is a national provider of applied behavioral analysis, early intervention, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology and diagnostics to support people with autism and their families.

Gracent’s network of ABA clinics

Gracent’s network of ABA clinics support a range of child and family needs, with diagnostics and therapies tailored to each child’s unique challenges. Each day, our teams help children on their journey to connecting to the world at large. It’s our purpose and our privilege, and it informs our approach:

Clinical excellence and innovation

We offer deep expertise, a best-in-class team and practical experience across the range of developmental and behavioral challenges. And a commitment to continuous innovation and improvement.

Operational efficiency and scale

We share key insights and best-practices across our Clinics. And use them to improve how we support our communities, and how we deliver the quality care they deserve.

Commitment to quality care

Gracent offers a multidisciplinary approach combining ABA, diagnosis, SLP, OT and other care.

Resources to accelerate growth

Gracent is backed by partners and capital that bring expertise and the long view mindset that is helping us grow.